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2022’s 6 New promising cryptocurrency

1: Calvaria

The new Play-to-Earn (P2E) game Calvaria: Duels of Eternity pits players against one another using cards depicting different characters, each of whom has their own unique skills. The goal is to progress through the game and achieve greater power by defeating more difficult opponents.

The mechanics in Calvaria are distinct from those of other NFT collectible deck games like Splinterlands or Gods Unchained. This game’s narrative is heavily entwined with the P2E model of card fights, which includes a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), staking, a store for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), many mini-games, and scholarship choices.

The current multi-step plan for the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity habitat outlines the evolution of the ecosystem through 2023. The developers plan to include virtual reality elements as the game develops further.

As part of Calvaria’s initial presale, now 100 RIAs can be purchased for $1 up to a total of $300,000. Funding of $78,618 has been raised so far, which is 26% of the way to the goal of $100,000 needed to conclude the initial presale. The cost to you in the long run will be far higher if you wait to take action now. There is a window of opportunity to purchase RIA tokens right now, so don’t miss out.

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2: Tamadoge

Dogecoin but also Shiba Inu investments have bolstered the meme coin market during the past year. Meme coins are problematic since they are largely useless.

The concept of a meme coin is elevated to new heights in Tamadoge. In Tamadoge, you may raise and trade “doges,” digital pets that function similarly to NFTs. You can fight these pets for doges and TAMA tokens.

Tokenized Assets for Multi-Algorithm Asset Management (TAMMA) will allow participants in the crypto-gaming ecosystem to participate in competitive gaming and earn financial rewards.

Among meme coins, Tamadoge has one of the most proactive tactics for expansion. Two months after the presale began, the Tamadoge coin has raised 19 million USDT.

The current asking price for tamadoge is less than a dollar. Don’t let the chance of buying Tamadoge pass you by.

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3: Solana

Solana is an open-source blockchain-based decentralized finance infrastructure (DeFi) platform. The Solana project didn’t get going until March of 2020, after having been in the works for five years. The network relies on SOL to control all financial transactions.

In the crypto space, Solana has been one of the most sought-after coins over the past 12 months. There has been a lot of worldwide excitement among investors as the price of the coin has been steadily rising. Launching in 2020 at a price of $0.78, an initial investment of $1000 in Solana would have returned more than $41,000,000.

Presently, a share of Solana can be purchased for $28.36, giving the company a market cap of $10,160,181,022.

4: SushiSwap

Decentralized exchanges based on smart contracts, or Automated Market Makers (AMMs), saw significant growth in 2021. SushiSwap stands out among the many available AMMs as the most promising.

SushiSwap facilitates transactions between numerous blockchains. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for staking cryptocurrency. One can easily compare the returns of various liquidity pools by looking at their individual returns.

When compared to Uniswap and PancakeSwap, SushiSwap has many advantages. SushiSwap may be the most intuitive of the three, but it has the smallest market cap.

5: Dash 2 Trade

The Dash 2 Trade (D2T) project is an ERC-20 token with the goal of creating a platform with innovative features for cryptocurrency traders. The first presale period, which has a ceiling of $1,666,000, has already brought in over $1,383,696.63. This means that the project is very close to completion. D2practicality T’s alone is impressive enough, but the fact that it can be used to solve real problems is truly remarkable.

In terms of functionality, the Dash 2 Trade platform can’t be beat by investors and traders. Automated trading, on-chain data, and a method for detecting fresh presales are just a few of the cutting-edge technologies available on this hub.

Dash 2 Trade’s native token, D2T, is used for all purchases and sales. Unlike fiat currencies, these tokens can be used for backtesting techniques and paying for Dash 2 Trade without incurring any tax liability. D2T tokens are expected to be in high demand once the network goes live, which could lead to an increase in their price.

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Crypto experts are taking notice of IMPT, a carbon-cutting cryptocurrency. Using proceeds from the sale of carbon credits, this project hopes to lessen the impact that both individuals and corporations have on the environment. If IMPT is successful, it will have an effect on an industry notorious for being an energy hog and polluting the atmosphere.

The carbon credits are the finest part about IMPT. IMPT intends to streamline the acquisition of carbon credits by tokenizing them as NFTs on the blockchain. It’s a platform where carbon credits can be bought, sold, and retired.

There will be a maximum of $10.8 million on the 600,000,000 IMPT tokens available during the first presale period. Incredible as it may seem, it has already raised over $7.6 million in investment just a few weeks after its debut.

In the next stage, 660,000,000 tokens will be made accessible for $0.023. IMPT tokens are now inexpensive; invest in them now before their value increases.



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