D2T ICO Raises $7 MLN, soon listing on 2 CEX

Dash 2 Trade is a platform that provides traders with market intelligence and trading signals for cryptocurrencies. The company just raised $7 million in a little over a month, which has piqued the interest of a rising number of investors.

Dash 2 Trade is a project that is in the right place at the right time because it has investor momentum that is growing, its key offering – a coin intelligence, on-chain analytics, and signals dashboard – is ready to launch, plus it has a product development roadmap that is ahead of schedule and a queue of trading venues that are lining up to list its token.

Due to the fact that product development is ahead of schedule, the hard cap has been altered.

As a direct consequence of this, the hard cap target has been reduced to $13.4 Million through the completion of stage 4. The reduction of the hard cap is being proposed by the team for two primary reasons.

To begin, the primary analytics dashboard for the presale is already ahead of its development timetable. This means that its deployment can be brought forward, and the investment funds raised in the presale may be put to use for marketing objectives right away.

The second reason, which is related to the first, is that the altered market conditions mean that the goods that Dash 2 Trade offers are exactly what retail investors require at this time to carry out thorough research in the wake of the FTX scandal.
Out-of-market setbacks come with opportunities, which will be detailed in greater detail below, and Dash 2 Trade intends to take advantage of those openings.

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As enthusiasm continues to grow toward the completion of the milestone, the new objective indicates that more than half of the total funding goal has already been reached.

In addition, the Dash 2 Trade project has already acquired pledges from two exchanges, namely LBank and BitMart, to list the Dash 2 Trade token not too long after the presale concludes. This is a big achievement for the Dash 2 Trade project.

In light of these events, the Dash 2 Trade team has to the conclusion that there is no time to waste in bringing its professional-grade dashboard terminal to public because it is the ideal product for the market at this testing moment for cryptocurrency.
In light of this, the beta version of the presale dashboard will be live within the next couple of weeks, and the presale itself will come to an end earlier than it was initially scheduled to. Users will be able to begin testing the first major component of the dashboard once the beta is released.

The appointment of a new chief technical officer has been announced by Dash 2 Trade.

Dash 2 Trade has an intimate knowledge and feel for the insights and market intelligence that its audience of retail traders needs to succeed because of its provenance and its experienced team of pro traders, quantitative analysts, and blockchain developers. This team also has a proven track record in the cryptocurrency trading industry.

Dash 2 Trade can now confirm that new CTO Ilyes Kooli will be joining the team as the development further refines its offering to optimize for the increasing requirements of consumers in the sector occupied by the rapidly developing crypto asset class.
This is another victory for the project, and it comes as Dash 2 Trade is able to celebrate its success today.

Kooli’s previous position at ConsenSys was that of a technical team leader. ConsenSys is a blockchain lab and incubator with a primary focus on Ethereum. They are widely regarded as the leader in the sector.

In addition to that, he was the senior software engineer for the machine-learning platform known as Cobania and the main software engineer for the ecommerce framework services project CocoLabs. Over the course of the previous few years, Kooli has maintained a position of preeminence at the forefront of the progression of crypto.

Now that he has the opportunity, Kooli plans to put his skills to use by leading the team as it develops a product that is the best of its kind and is aimed at an addressable market that is worth $830 billion 

There are now two exchanges that have committed to listing D2T tokens.

As a further stroke of good fortune for the business plan, centralized exchange listings are currently in the process of being lined up for D2T. This is a testimonial to the solid foundations upon which the project is built, so there is no need to worry about rug pulls or any other dishonest conduct.

More than that, however, the participation of exchanges like LBank and BitMart at this early stage indicates that there should be more than enough liquidity to be price encouraging for what is highly likely to be a successful launch of public trading. This is because there are exchanges on board at this early stage.

In contrast to dialing back its goals, Dash 2 Trade is working to shorten the amount of time it takes to bring its product to market by moving up the date on which its expected fundraising will come to a finish and recalibrating the hard cap target so that it will end at the stage 4 target.

The current price of the D2T token in the presale is $0.0513, which is stage 3 of the originally intended 9 stages. This price will increase to $0.0533 in stage 4, which will now be the final step of this appealing presale.

As a direct consequence of this, rather than distributing 700 million tokens for a fundraise of $40 million, Dash 2 Trade is now planning to allocate 262,500,000 D2T tokens for the presale in an effort to raise a total of $13,420,000.

The 437,500,000 tokens that aren’t going to be used for the presale will be unavailable for purchase for the next five years.

The tragic losses that were incurred by the one million clients of FTX are a sorrow for all those involved; yet, as is the case in all financial markets, the destruction of capital creates the circumstances for revitalization.

The dashboard for the pre-sale metrics is almost ready to go live.

Dash 2 Trade intends to capitalize on these newly emerging market conditions for the purpose of providing advantages to retail traders and investors.

Dash 2 Trade is not, of course, in a position to promote the regulatory changes that are necessary to cleanse the field of unscrupulous actors. However, it is able to provide the tools, analytics, and signals for secure and profitable routes to market-beating profits.

Dash 2 Trade is in the fortunate position of having a service that is ready to go, in the form of its state-of-the-art dashboard terminal.
If you will, think of it as a Bloomberg Terminal for crypto traders. This position puts Dash 2 Trade in an enviable position even before it has completed its fundraising.

The agile team at Dash 2 Trade is in the lucky position of being able to tilt to a compressed roadmap product delivery schedule at a time when traders and investors are eager for tools that will help them to safely seek out the enormous potential profits that have now opened up in the crypto market. This comes at a time when investors & traders are hungry for tools that will assist them to safely seek out the huge profit potentials that have now opened up in the crypto market.

When it comes to due diligence on presale coins, the Dash 2 Trade team has found a sizable and significant neglected segment of the cryptocurrency industry. This segment is concerned with the fact that research can be challenging and time-consuming for average investors and traders.

In the research market, Dash 2 Trade’s one-of-a-kind and patented Dash Score presale and ICO grading system will be the only one to offer the alpha-seeking and securing tool.

This segment of the cryptocurrency market is where the most knowledgeable and experienced traders in the industry operate in order to maximize their returns on investment.

The newly relaunched Dash 2 Trade website showcases the dashboard.

A revamped website is now live for public consumption. The new layout places an emphasis on showcasing the presale analytics dashboard by using alluring images and an appealing soft white background framing. This was done in order to attract potential customers.

One of the new features that potential investors will find helpful is a competition matrix, which allows them to rapidly assess and contrast the extensive feature set offered by Dash 2 Trade, which explains why traders choose it.

The roadmap has been reorganized to make it easier to understand, and it now displays at a glance both what tasks have been finished and where the team now stands in relation to the roadmap.

Everyone on the team is doxxed because the “Meet the Team” section includes LinkedIn connections for each member of the team. Additionally, the official partner, Learn2Trade, is now frequently mentioned along with its Trustpilot rating.

Finally, the vital contract address for the D2T token is presented in plain language, along with a link to the page on the etherscan explorer that contains the address:

A new and highly qualified community manager has joined the team.

In other news pertaining to the project, new team member Trevor M. will be handling community management duties.

Trevor has been a busy YouTuber for the past three years and currently works as a video producer for Coinmarketcap.

He is a graduate of Shippensburg Pennsylvania University and will be responsible for overseeing the expansion of the project’s social media, message, and video content channels.

It is without a doubt that his experience, which was gained on Coinmarketcap, the industry-leading cryptocurrency statistics, analytics, and community portal, would be a vital asset for the project.

The talents that Trevor possesses will be vital in helping to boost Dash 2 Trade usage through the creation and sharing of content that is interesting and engaging.

Additionally, it will be up to him to ensure that community members are kept up to date on the latest project news and advancements.

The cryptocurrency market has evolved since FTX, and Dash 2 Trade is the ideal solution for the new environment.

Although the fall of FTX has dampened sentiment in the cryptocurrency market as a whole, it has, on the other hand, made profitable avenues that had been blocked off over the course of the previous several years available again.

It was the entry of Chicago proprietary trading firms like Jump, DRW, Wolverine, and the rest of them that arbitraged away the numerous pricing inefficiencies that were once a feature of crypto marketplaces. These firms include Jump, DRW, and Wolverine.

All of that is different now. These enormous companies have left the market in droves, and many of them have left behind hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, that are either trapped in the wallets of the defunct trading site FTX or, even worse, have been stolen or lost.

As a consequence of this, platforms such as Dash 2 Trade will shine even more brilliantly in the future as a result of a new environment that sets a premium on the availability of technical toolkits, research, and actionable signals that retail traders and investors are increasingly seeking.

A highly investable project that creates new profit centers in the current cryptocurrency environment.

Dash 2 Trade, in contrast to many other cryptocurrency initiatives, is prepared for the future digital asset scenario, which will almost certainly now place an emphasis on developing and providing revenue and profits to investors.

Dash 2 Trade stands head and shoulders above the majority of cryptocurrency projects thanks to its backing from venture capitalists and its experienced team, which has already demonstrated its business skills by establishing a community of 70,000 traders at Learn 2 Trade, in which many of these traders have honed their skills.

Also, Dash 2 Trade has been able to make significant headway in recent months in the development of a minimum viable product dashboard terminal as a result of receiving funding in the amount of $200,000 from seed venture capital (VC), which has enabled the company to prepare for the beta launch.

The project is a potential candidate for additional investment from venture capital sources, such as family offices, private equity, and for instance, the one billion dollar special investment vehicle that Binance is putting together. The project already has the support of venture capitalists, and it is at an advanced stage in the development of its product.

Trading intelligence that is unified and includes actionable indications gives traders an advantage over the competition.

Dash 2 Trade is in the process of developing a unified system that will contain everything that its competitors offer in addition to a great deal more.

Backtesting is something that both Cryptohopper and Dash 2 Trade offer, but Cryptohopper lacks features such as Dash 2 Trade’s curated trading signals, live market and social sentiment analysis, presale and ICO scoring system, risk profiler, news feeds, and trading competitions. Backtesting is something that both Cryptohopper and Dash 2 Trade offer.

On the other hand, companies such as Cointelegraph Markets Pro may offer social sentiment analysis and listing alerts, but they do not offer any auto-trading capabilities, broker API support, or presale monitoring systems like Dash 2 Trade does.

You can gain access to all of the features described above in addition to others like social trading, technical indicators, and on-chain analytics by purchasing a monthly subscription using the D2T token. This will cost you a portion of the cost of a Glassnode Professional account or a Bloomberg Terminal, for instance.

Where can I buy D2T tokens and how can I do so?

On the Dash 2 Trade website, users who do not have a crypto wallet that is funded can buy ETH with a debit or credit card directly from the D2T website.

Users on mobile devices will benefit most by downloading Trust Wallet and going to the presale page by utilizing the built-in browser that comes with Trust Wallet.

The Dash 2 Trade smart contract code has been thoroughly examined by SolidProof, and Coinsniper has validated the company’s personnel.


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