Apple Pay Now Accepts USDC Cryptocurrency Payments

It is now possible to utilize Apple Pay to make payments in Circle USDC, which should assist increase business sales.

Support for Apple Pay (AAPL) has been enabled by Circle, the company that created the USDC stablecoin. This will assist to increase the adoption of the coin by enabling crypto businesses to accept the Apple Pay payment method.

Putting the Pieces Together for the Future of Business

According to the announcement, the USDC issuer Circle has begun accepting payments for eligible businesses through the use of Apple Pay. Circle believes that this move will assist in the development of the future of commerce by increasing sales for businesses and making payments more expedient, simple, and secure.

As a result of the strategic cooperation between crypto industry titan Circle and tech industry behemoth Apple, users will be able to make payments through Apple’s Safari web browser or in apps utilizing enabled devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad. Customers will no longer be required to register for an account or complete any laborious paperwork as a result.

Multiple Use-Cases

It is a strong approach for crypto-native firms to create connections with customers who love using traditional methods of payment such as Apple Pay for payment while also accepting money from customers who do not use crypto at all. Apple Pay is one example of this type of payment method. It is anticipated that NFT markets, cryptocurrency gambling, cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency wallet providers, and providers of cross-border remittances would all reap the benefits of this development. At the same time, conventional companies have the potential to use digital currency, including USDC as a payment alternative for retail payments. They can do so by seizing this window of opportunity.


Taking into account the current state of the market and the mayhem caused by FTX, developments in the cryptocurrency market such as these are noteworthy and warrant attention. Apple’s participation will contribute to an increase in adoption across its vast population of existing consumers. After recent occurrences of other stablecoins crashing, investors’ faith in stablecoins appears to have been boosted by USDC.


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