Queen Elizabeth II’s death exploited by meme coin

In the hours following the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death, more than 40 meme coins using her name were launched.

lucre at the expense of condolences

Despite widespread grief over the death of Queen Elizabeth II, some cryptocurrency vultures are trying to take advantage of the occasion, launching dozens of queen-themed meme coins on Ethereum and Binance’s BNB chains.

According to DexScreener‘s data, more than 40 different meme coins were created within six hours, including “Queen Elizabeth Inu,” “Queen Doge,” “God Save The Queen,” “London Bridge Is Down,” “Queen Grow,” “Rip Queen Elizabeth,” “Elizabeth II,” and “Queen Inu II.” In addition, there are some coins bearing the name of the new monarch, King Charles III.

In the past 24 hours, the price of Queen Elizabeth Inu has increased 49.9 percent on Binance Smart Chain and 803 percent on Uniswap. Meanwhile, God Save The Queen tokens have seen a 968% increase in their price over the same period.

Since its launch, God Save The Queen has already registered a trading volume of $382,000, while Queen Elizabeth Inu has accumulated $233,000.

Incidentally, an NFT collection titled “Queen Elizabeth 69 Years NFT” was created the day after the monarch’s death. The collection claims to have an image for each year of the Queen’s reign, and its creators deny that they are “scammers.”

Community reacts negatively

The cryptocurrency community rightly responded negatively to all these crypto memes profiting from the Queen’s death, ThreadGuy.eth (81.4K followers on Twitter) writing “You’re going to hell” and Byzantine General (132.6K followers) adding “We need to stop this crypto crap.” In contrast, cryptocurrency investor LilMoonLambo (172.6K followers) tweeted, “We deserve another bear market.”


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