Where to buy NFT? and why do it on Binance

Where to buy NFTs without experience?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a virtual object that represents a unique resource. verifiable of authenticity and ownership within the blockchain network. NFTs are not interchangeable with each other and cause scarcity in the digital world, we discussed in a previous article the full explanation of what an NFT is, if you are unclear take a look at this article.
What NFTs are and how they work

But in today’s article, we will discuss why you should consider buying NFTs from Binance’s NFT Marketplace and not from any other NFT selling platform.

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9 reasons that make Binance a better choice than others

1.Ease of use

Since the launch of the Binance NFT marketplace platform in June 2021, Binance NFT Marketplace has rapidly grown to become one of the most curated and popular NFT marketplaces in the world, bringing together collectors, artists, players, and many others on one platform due to the many benefits and privileges Binance NFT users receive:

  • Low commissions: 1% commissions for within the NFT Marketplace
  • Binance is the most liquid exchange in the world, followed by Coinbase PRO
  • Ease of use: users can access the entire Binance ecosystem (including Binance NFT, forex trading, etc.) with a single account.
  • Diversity: marketplace, exclusive events and mystery box
  • Exclusivity: Binance NFT is the first and only NFT marketplace to launch a Mystery Box feature

Buying an NFT on Binance Market is very easy, you can use the same account you use to trade if you already have one, with a few simple steps and direct instructions from binance you can buy your first NFT in seconds.

2.Protection and security

Binance works hard to protect users’ funds by securing the platform with strict protocols and industry-leading procedures. From real-time monitoring and a 360-degree risk management system to advanced data privacy tools and end-user security training, Binance is constantly finding innovative ways to protect the users it serves.

Which makes Binance’s Makretplace NFT the best in the world, on the other hand, currently only pre-approved creators can create NFTs using the platform. In the near future, this feature will be open to all registered users after verifying their identity. Therefore, you are unlikely to be scammed by Binance when purchasing NFTs.

3.Quality projects

Every project must go through a rigorous verification process before it can be shown on the Binance NFT Marketplace.
Through a rigorous verification process, Binance identifies the best projects in the marketplace for users to invest in, ensuring industry-leading NFT projects and collections.

4.Truly Low Binance Marketplace Commissions

Binance NFT charges a flat 1% trading commission to all NFT sellers and creators. Compared to other marketplaces that collect up to 7.5 percent commissions, offering the lowest commissions in the market. In addition, sellers only have to pay a 1% ownership fee to the creator. Binance NFT’s attractive low commissions allow NFT sellers to enjoy higher profits on their assets.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in finding out which exchange operates with the lowest fees ever, read ourdetailed article on the cheapest exchange fees ever

5.High liquidity and the largest number of users in the cryptocurrency world

liquidità di binance exchange

Binance NFT marketplace can help you expand your reach and connect with more than 60 million users in more than 180 countries, ensuring the high liquidity of the Binance platform.

Liquidity refers to the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold at a stable price on a given exchange-the faster an asset can be sold at the closest possible price to the asking price, the more liquid an exchange is considered to be highly liquid, and Binance is the most liquid trading platform in the world.

6.Easy deposits through ETH and BSC networks

NFT collectors can deposit and sell NFTs from other networks. In addition to the latest upgrades and new features such as customizable creator profiles and a new CAPTCHA system, the “deposit” feature is the first of its kind on Binance NFT, as users will now be able to withdraw NFTs from BSC and ETH and deposit them on the Binance NFT Marketplace with ease.

7.Variety of NFTs and ranking features

Variety of NFTs: There are several categories of NFTs supported on Binance NFT Marketplace.

Binance NFT offers seven categories of NFTs, plus a mystery box:

  1. Entertainment-Two-time BRIT Award winner Lewis Capaldi is one of the people who can be found in the entertainment category. Lil Yachty and Kyle are other popular musicians who have their works listed in this category.
  2. E-sports – The e-sports category lists esports articles and content. The e-sports team eStarPro is one of the first e-sports teams to have their content listed in this category.
  3. Games The games category features game-related articles from creators around the world. There are hundreds of game items that can be purchased on the platform.
  4. Collectibles – Dedicated to collectible NFTs, this section features a number of collectible digital goods. Nyan Sum Cards from Mighty Jaxx are some of the items available in the collectibles category.
  5. Art The art category features works by well-known and unknown artists. Krista Kim, Ali Sabet, Kefan404, Palm Instinct, and Joseba Elorza are some of the well-known artists who have placed their works in this category.
  6. Sports The Sports category, as the name suggests, is dedicated to sports objects. For example, digital assets related to sports greats such as Michael Owen, José María Gutiérrez Hernández, and Alphonso Davies are listed in this category. NFT tickets are also listed.
  7. Premium – This category features premium NFTs. For example, the Hermitage Museum launched a collection of premium NFT auctions on Binance’s NFT Marketplace over the course of a week in August and September 2021.
  8. NFT Mystery Boxes – These “mystery boxes” have a surprise NFT. They are sorted into rarity levels. In the Binance NFT navigation bar, select Mystery Box to browse the collections. After purchasing one, you are redirected to the product page where you can select Click to Reveal and Open Box.
Binance mystery NFT box

Binance NFT highlights top-performing NFTs and NFT artists in rankings on its homepage. giving artists and their collections more visibility, while collectors can easily find new and popular pieces to grow their collections. The new scorecards also allow collectors to better appraise and value their holdings more accurately, increasing the chances of a more profitable sale.

8.Easily convert profits to cash

Binance NFT owners can easily convert their earnings to fiat money via the Binance p2p service, or by direct withdrawal.

9.Access to Binance’s vast ecosystem

Binance aims to provide its users with the ultimate in convenience by allowing them to interact with various applications and features, including the NFT Marketplace, using a single account.

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