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What is Aavegotchi?

Aavegotchi is a collectible game built on Ethereum in which participants can purchase and grow Aavegotchi, avatars in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used to explore and interact with the Aavegotchi digital universe. Each Aavegotchi avatar is a digital collectible that has unique attributes defined by a rarity score.

Aavegotchi is combined with a DeFi protocol that enables staking of tokens within the system. It is based on the Tamagotchi game and is hosted on the Aave network (AAVE). Tamagotchi was quite popular in the 1990s, when virtually everyone had a Tamagotchi friend to feed, wash, dress, and nurture into adulthood. With Aavegotchi, players can create their own Gotchis, represented by NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that can be staked.

How does Aavegotchi work?

Aavegotchi is a game very similar to Tamagotchi, but it uses blockchain and is based on the Aave protocol. Players can buy Gotchis as NFTs with GHST tokens and improve their avatars by playing mini-games, dressing them up, and taking care of them. The more time and money a player spends on his Gotchis, the more valuable they become as NFTs. Players can also earn GHST based on their activities.

In short, they are Tamagotchi 2.0

Rarity farming seasons are organized regularly to reward users based on the experience, rarity, uniqueness and loyalty of their Gotchis. Users receive rewards for each round of rarity farming based on transparent rankings. Gotchi also have value as NFT collectibles in the game. Funds from the rewards come from general network sales when users buy clothes and various accessories for their Gotchi avatars.

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Who is the team behind Aavegotchi

Pixelcraft Studios founded Aavegotchi in 2020 from a team with a strong background and extensive experience with DeFi and NFT. Jesse Johnson and his pseudonymous co-founder Coder Dan founded the Pixelcraft Studios and Aavegotchi platforms. Several other team members are working on the project anonymously.

Jesse Johnson also founded Bullionix, the first gold-backed NFT. The idea of Aavegotchi is to allow players to use Gotchis as collateral while developing an immersive game in which players can upgrade, sell and buy collectibles in the form of NFTs.

Is the Aavegotchi network secure?

Aavegotchi is protected by the Aave network and is based on a Proof of Stake system. The network uses the witness node consensus mechanism to reach consensus on all Aavagotchi smart contracts except the Aavaroot contract.

Aavegotchi smart contracts were made open source to increase the likelihood of detecting errors.

How could Aavagotchi be used?

Aavegotchi can be used to play mini-games with Gotchis, as well as to obtain wearables and upgrades, and users can earn interest on their collateral. Aavegotchi is a blockchain-based game that also serves as a DeFi protocol for staking and NFTs.


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