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How does the Upland metaverse work?

Upland, property investment in the metaverse

Based on the EOS blockchain, Upland is a property buying and selling and city-building metaverse in which players can explore, buy and sell property, build structures, and interact with other Uplanders. The platform also features a game token, UPX, which is used within the Upland metaverse to buy property.

what is Upland

Upland.Me, a virtual property metaverse offering NFT plots mapped to real addresses, recently partnered with a company called Tilia Pay to pave the way for what the team calls a true digital economy.

Upland is a blockchain-based game in which users can buy, sell and trade virtual properties mapped to the real world. By becoming a “digital landowner,” users can build properties and earn UPX coins. The project uses blockchain to link each property within the Upland platform to an NFT.

Perhaps unique compared to many other blockchain-based games, Upland seeks to create a market-based digital economy that blurs the boundaries between the real and digital worlds.

Users can purchase digital goods within the game with fiat currency or cryptocurrency (using UPX currency) and exchange them with other players. However, it is worth noting that for some time there was no way to cash in UPX tokens-the only thing that could be done was to reinvest them in other properties, which earn more UPX.

Upland.Me users can sell their NFT virtual real estate properties using Second Life’s payment network, called Tilia Pay, which supports PayPal as the main payment mechanism. Thus, players can technically buy NFT representations of real estate properties in the virtual world of Upland and sell them for real U.S. dollars.

What is the UPX token

The UPX token is used within the Upland game ecosystem. It cannot be traded in the marketplace. Users can purchase the token from the Upland store using their crypto account or PayPal. Once you have a sufficient number of UPX tokens, you can search for properties to purchase. If you are a new user, you can choose properties marked FSA.

Properties present in upland

You may have noticed that Upland properties are marked with different colors. Each color has a different meaning. Therefore, before buying a property, you should understand the meaning of each of these colors.

Upland properties are divided into the following two sections:

  • Coined- Owned by other players.
  • not yet coined- Never had an owner.

Below are the different colors of properties that can be found in the Upland ecosystem.

FSA (Fair Start Act)
When you explore Upland, you will find many properties marked FSA. These properties are reserved for new players. This means that only new players (Visitors and Uplanders) have access to purchase FSAs. Once you become Pro, that is, with a net worth of 100k UPX or more, you will no longer be able to coin FSA properties.

Bright Green Properties
Unlocked and unminted properties. You can mint and then purchase the property directly from Upland. Property prices are determined by analyzing real market data. To purchase a property, you must have a sufficient number of UPX tokens in your account.

Gray properties
Blocked properties, not minted, not yet open for minting. In addition, each city has some blocked properties that are reserved for future Landmark sales and auctions.

Blue properties
Minted properties owned by Upland players. These properties are not listed in the secondary market, but it is still possible to send an offer to purchase to the owner.

Dark blue property
Minted property currently owned by you.

Dark green property
Owned and minted properties, currently for sale on the secondary market.

Upland Property Rarity

Each property has a rarity value (lower or higher) that significantly affects its value. Therefore, rarity levels were determined by collecting research and analyzing data on their popularity and historical value.

Based on rarity, Upland properties were divided into five categories:

  • Standard – These are common properties with little or no historical value.
  • Limited – Consists of large and popular areas, such as famous streets or neighborhoods.
  • Exclusive – Consists of famous streets or neighborhoods with limited availability.
  • Rare – Rarer properties than Upland, generally comprising the most influential areas of the city.
  • Ultra-rare – Extremely rare and exclusive properties in each city.

Upland User Levels

Upland users are divided into various levels. A user’s status level is determined by his or her net worth, calculated by combining assets owned and holdings in UPX.

The higher the status, the more benefits they will obtain. Below are the various categories of Upland users:

When a new user joins the platform, they start with Visitor status. Normally, a visitor has a net worth between 0 and 9,999 UPX. However, new users must log in regularly and renew their visa every seven days. If a user fails to do so, their ownership will be recycled and their UPX tokens will be deposited back into the community pool.

Players with a net worth of more than 9,999 UPX can become Uplanders. Once you become an Uplander, your account and assets will be permanently stored in the network. In other words, your assets will not be recycled and you will not have to renew your visa regularly. With this status, you will gain some additional benefits. Your game account will be linked to your EOS account. You will also have access to a secondary market where you can sell your NFTs in UPX or USD.

Players with a net worth >= 100,000 UPX can upgrade to Pro status. This status will unlock an interesting feature: the Pro icon will be visible in the block explorer. In addition, if a user reaches this level during a certain period of months, they will get Spark rewards.

A player with a net worth >= 1,000,000 UPX belongs to this status. Directors can customize their block explorer according to their wishes. They can also send their favorite design to Upland’s design team, who will use it to create a unique block explorer. In addition, they can receive a reward of 0.5 sparks for their achievement.

Players with a net worth of at least UPX 10,000,000 can become Executive. They receive 1 Spark for their achievement and fall into the category of elite players.

Chief Executive
Last year, the Upland team included the highest status for its exclusive users who hold >=100,000,000 UPX.

How to register on

To use Upland, visit the main page of the platform. On the landing page, you will find an “Enter Upland” button. If you click on it, you will be redirected to the online game. This is the login/registration page for the platform.

New users can create an account using the Signup option. Existing users can log in by providing their credentials.


If you are a new Upland user, you must first create an account by accessing the registration page. The application will ask you to provide some basic account creation details.

Once you have entered the above information, a verification e-mail will be sent to your e-mail address. Verify your e-mail address and you will be admitted.

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Verdict regarding

One thing that is very clear when it comes to Play-to-Earn game marketplaces is the fact that creating a popular and well-received P2E game is no easy feat. The developers and the general team behind the project have to focus on both the passive financial gain aspect and the game mechanics and its overall appeal.

Has Upland succeeded in this difficult undertaking? Is it a project worth pursuing?

Well, I have to agree with most of the reviews of Upland found online: would seem to agree!

Upland is a really fun and interactive game that allows players to collect different properties, starting with the city of San Francisco. The game incorporates all the major features one would expect from such a project: NFT, metaverse-oriented mechanics, P2E and so on.

One of Upland’s greatest strengths is the fact that it has a very vibrant and dedicated community. This is good both for the game economy and for the general enthusiasm surrounding the project.

On the other hand, however, a good number of players seem to be confused and say that Upland is not that easy to get to grips with.


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