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Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a player-versus-player (PVP) brawler developed by the Dutch firm Gamedia. Players can choose from a wide selection of Tank Bodies and Weaponry before entering arena-based battle.

What exactly is Spider Tanks?

The Spider Tanks concept was developed by GAMEDIA, a Dutch firm that has won numerous awards for their work. The game has players begin in their own garage, from which they can customize their vehicle with a selection of Tank Bodies and Weaponry before venturing out into one of the many Spider Tanks arenas.

The Ethereum Blockchain is being used in multiple ways in this free-to-play game that may be used to gain rewards. Resource management, player-versus-player combat, and a dynamic system of upgrades are all given prominent treatment. In this cycle, players can purchase completely transferrable Weapons, Tanks, and Bodies, with an emphasis on rarity and bonuses.

The goal of Spider Tanks is to turn it into a worldwide pay-to-play Esport where gamers may compete against random people or with a select group of friends.

Spider Tanks, Past and Present

Gala Games and Gamedia’s Spider Tanks has a great thing going for it; the game is interesting to most players, and the Beta version was launched in April of 2022. An abundance of locations and play styles complement the game’s fun, fast-paced, strategic gameplay superbly. The dynamic of the game is enhanced by the need for skillful aiming, evading, and cooperation between players.

Previous posts by Spider Tanks have highlighted the game’s central features, such as its free availability to all users, its ability to generate income through the sale of in-game items like Tanks, and its roadmap, which gives players a glimpse into the game’s future in the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

However, gamers should know that the game is still in early phases of development. The game’s biggest drawbacks include its challenging learning curve, lengthy installation process, and challenging first tank acquisition. While the game itself is free, certain of the game’s assets that unlock bonuses cost real money. Even while some players may find the game to be repetitive, the rewards for progressing through the game and acquiring new pieces more than make up for the initial boredom.

These issues, however, will most certainly be fixed in future updates, making an already thrilling game even better.

What is the function of a Spider Tank?

Gala Games is where you can get both the launcher and game client for Spider Tanks. Spider Tanks features three major game modes, each with its own aims and environments. If you succeed, you’ll increase your odds of getting more benefits.

Team deathmatch is a classic PvP deathmatch mode in which the victorious team is the one that has accrued the most kills by the conclusion of the allotted time.

Capture the Flag is an old school objective-based game mode. The team that accumulates the most points at the end of the time period is the victor.

There are chickens scattered all over the map in Capture the Chicken, a game mode. The mission of the team is to rescue as many individuals as possible and bring them back to their home base.

The Tank Garage is also included, and it is the game’s most crucial feature. There are an infinite number of permutations of bodies and weapons that can be used here. Each piece has its own set of stats and style of play that can drastically alter the action.

How can you generate income, then? All the items mentioned above are non-fictitious elements that can be converted into money. The game’s components can be collected, traded, and sold for cash by savvy players. The current best play-to-win game is Spider Tanks.

Spider Tanks NFT

Tank Body and Tank Weapon are the names for the non-fighting types in Spider Tanks. It’s possible to make a “Hero Tank” by fusing the two together. When you win a tank combat, you’ll earn “Victory Points,” which can be redeemed for SILK.

The owners of the maps receive a small share of the “Victory Points” awarded to the victorious teams in matches played on their maps. Similar perks will accrue to “Planetary Node” owners as well. By joining the “Pilot Program,” players without tank ownership can still enjoy the game. Those who own Tanks as well as those who fly them are eligible for SILK rewards.

Spider Tanks: How to Play

Each player in Spider Tanks will engage in battle against a variety of adversaries using the combat vehicle of their choice, which can be modified.

The user has the option of using the machine in its current state or building their own by selecting the appropriate running gear, hull, and turret components. After picking and setting the tank, the player then enters the PVP arena, where they are presented with the several options for engaging in combat and can choose one of those options to use. (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Capture the Chicken are the three games) Players can earn the in-game currency that can be utilized in their Garage by doing well in these battles and coming out on top.

In the downtime between fights, players will head to their Garage to upgrade their tank by adding new components and armament in preparation for the next round of combat. When a player has upgraded their tank to a higher level, they have the option to either rent it out to other players, sell it in the store, or sell its components and pieces in exchange for currency.

How to get started in Spider Tanks

  1. Register on Gala Games’ website. At this time, registration is offered in four different languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.) After that is finished, you will need to sign all of the licensing agreements so that you may receive a confirmation email.
  2. Check your email to confirm the registration, and then set up your wallet by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Download the game client, and then launch the installer after it has been downloaded. To complete the installation of the game, make sure to follow the directions that are given on the screen. After the software has been completely installed, you will be able to start playing the game.

Installing Spider Tanks Step-by-Step

Get ready for some intense Spider Tanks action!

  • When you visit or the Gala Games website and select the Play Now button, you will be prompted to sign up for a Gala Games account.
  • To set up your electronic wallet, go to your Inventory and select ETH.
  • Keep the seed phrase for your cryptocurrency wallet in a safe place. You can use this seed phrase to gain access to your virtual currency and game assets. Don’t tell anyone your seed word and instead, store it safely. To link your wallet with MetaMask, enter the seed phrase.
  • Click “install” & The installation process for Spider Tanks is now ready to begin.

The best way to make money playing Spider Tanks

Every player is required to play with a tank that they own. You have the option to either buy one for yourself or to “rent” one from someone who already owns one. You can earn in-game assets as a free-to-play player by either piloting rented tanks or using free tanks when you play the game. When a player that is participating in the free-to-play mode enters the game, they will be given a rented tank to pilot.

However, in order to start profiting right away, you are going to want to begin by acquiring a tank or some components for a tank. You are considered to be playing as a Captain when you have your own tanks. You can buy these NFT-based assets at the shop on the Spider Tanks website or on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. Both of these stores are accessible via the NFT.

You have the ability to modify and upgrade existing NFT tanks, as well as purchase additional tanks and components. If you wish to generate passive income, another option is to rent out your tanks to players who participate in free-to-play modes of the game. You can earn in-game assets and upgrades, and then you can trade or sell those items on the secondary OpenSea market in exchange for bitcoin that has value in the real world.

Does This Game Deserve Your Attention?

Spider Tanks is a videogame that does a fantastic job of combining sophisticated aesthetics with a fun and engaging gaming experience. These are the kind of games that are first and foremost a game but also an investment NFT project in the background. Therefore, you ought to spend a significant amount of attention to Spider Tanks.

Where can I purchase a Spider Tank?

You can purchase Spider Tanks NFTs on OpenSea, or you can download them from the marketplace on the Spider Tanks webpage. Both options are available to you.


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