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Tiny World

When you mix NFT, DeFi, and Gaming into one breathtaking experience, you get Tiny World, a blockchain game universe. In order to embark on your epic trip, you must collect over one hundred Tiny Hero NFTs. Play the game and win real money by climbing the leaderboards or exploring the dungeons. Make use of the DeFi products available on the site by staking your tokens and cool NFTs.

Tiny World offers a plethora of lucrative opportunities: 
1. Yield farming using Tiny Farm’s Resources 
2. Accumulating tiny nfts and trading them
3. Farming with Tiny NFT Yields 
4. Using Token to stake for game and vote advantages
5. Competing for high scores in minigames
6. Making Money by Trading Items in Tiny Games

In addition to the games Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Dungeons, the Tiny World universe also features Tiny Farm, which is comprised of several DeFi features such as a Yield Aggregator, Liquidity Miner, staking, NFT Farming, and an NFT market.

How to Get Started in Tiny World

In order to sign up for the game, players must:

  • launch the app from the official site
  • log in with your MetaMask wallet
  • then hit the “Tiny Kingdoms Play” button.

After signing up on the official website, the fun can begin. Using Tiny is like having a variety of games in one. It’s essentially an auto-battle mode where your Tiny Heroes sit and fight countless waves of opponents.

At the conclusion of the battle, gamers will be rewarded with unique components that can be forged into powerful sets. Tiny Kingdom and Tiny Heroes will receive additional content updates. Accessories will play a significant role in the game and the economy, so don’t forget about them.

The moment you activate the Combat button, every hero in the game will gather the necessary equipment and crystals to prepare for an endless barrage of AI enemies. You can even reset the battle if you want to if you press the retreat button. Here is your chance to replenish your heroes’ HP and hand out gold and crystals as rewards.

It’s worth noting that the entire combat process is robotic. There is no need for constant monitoring, thus the time investment is minimal.

A maximum of 14 stages can be unlocked, and players can increase their rank to do so. Every level has its own unique ambiance benefit and drop rate. However, the competition’s drop rate is greatly affected by the phase you enter. This means you should exert yourself if you want to rise in the ranks.

What are those Tiny heroes?

Tiny Heroes are Near-Future Tokens (NFTs) that follow the ERC-1155 specification. The Tiny Farm is a place where heroes can use summon runes to get and send miniature figures to the Tiny Kingdom for a game.

To join Tiny Kingdom, you need at least one Tiny Hero. Elite Tiny Heroes in our games have better abilities and statistics. able to help you make the most money possible from betting and owning assets.

A one is assigned to the Tiny Hero’s grade once he is sent to the Tiny Kingdom. To advance in status, the hero must risk killing monsters. For every enemy slain, the hero earns 1 EXP, and you can use crystals to level up. Assuming the hero obtains enough experience points to advance to the following level. After gaining a level, a hero may see significant improvements to their statistics and unlock access to more powerful new groups.

Heroes can band together in this game. A tier 10 upgrade is possible for any set. For each level, you’ll need to consume a new set of crystals and synthesize a new set of sets.

Making Money in Tiny Heroes

There are numerous opportunities to make a profit in Tiny World.

PVP Arena
Achieve a top spot on the scoreboard at the end of the week and receive a small gift.

Community Boss Raid
Form a new alliance every day and do fight with the other players. Players’ damage output will determine their ranking and the resources they receive. All week long, your damage output will add up to determine where you stand on the weekly leaderboard, where you can earn tokens for your efforts.

Items Trading
The in-game marketplace allows players to buy, sell, and trade all in-game items.

Item Recycle
You can get bonuses if you burn some equipment.

Asset Lending
Loaning out your assets to other people is called “asset lending.”

Tiny Kingdom

Tiny Kingdom is a type of game known as an idle trading game, in which players use their spare time to engage in battle and make money through trading. You may place on the various leaderboards to earn fantastic crypto rewards, and you can win the title of best squad in the Kingdom if you do so.

Tiny Farm

Tiny World features a comprehensive DeFi system known as Tiny Farm. This system incorporates a variety of DeFi components, including a Yield Aggregator, staking, Liquidity Mining, mystery box,NFT Farming, NFT market, and many others. In this instance, we provide a seamless GameFi experience by combining interesting NFT heroes with DeFi.

Tiny Dungeons

The strategy video game Tiny Dungeons is a simulation that features a tower defense component. You can build your dungeon after you have purchased NFT land. When players successfully complete other dungeons, they will be able to loot goodies from other locations. Make sure you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from experiencing the same thing as others have!

Tiny World referral program

When it comes to making money with the Tiny World NFT game, your referral system is a far more intriguing choice. Where you can earn 5% for referring your friends and relatives to the game.

  • The Referral Program allows players to earn incentives by referring their friends to the service.
  • Tiny Farm and Tiny Kingdom each offer referral bonuses.
  • Only one custom referral link per user is available.
  • Once the guest clicks on the referral link and pays for entry to the game, the referral association will be established.

Tiny World Overall Evaluation

Tiny World is a game that just recently made its debut on the market, but it has already established itself as a favorite NFT adventure among players who are quite active.

This brand-new alternative to the expansive universe of NFT provides a fantastic mix of missions, conflicts, and even bets with NFT and Defi. Therefore, because it is capable of performing numerous activities, it provides users with a variety of avenues via which they might compete and potentially win. Such are rating rewards, market sales, and objects that can be recycled, to name a few.

Always make sure you’ve read the white paper before diving into the game.

Tiny World White Paper:


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