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What is Sweatcoin and how to earn it?

It is often difficult to get out for a walk or a run. Fatigue, lack of motivation, weather and many other factors affect how often we exercise. Sometimes these factors prevent us from exercising.

But what if there was an app that paid you to move? That is what Sweatcoin claims to do, but is it really? Find out as we discuss Sweatcoin, how it works and the possibility of making money from it.

What is Sweatcoin?

Sweatcoin is a free smartphone app available on Android and iOS. The app tracks your steps throughout the day, just like any other step-measuring app you can install.

Sweatcoin connects to Google Fit, Apple Fit or other similar fitness apps, so it records your daily steps. You can use the app while walking or running outdoors, or while using a treadmill, so it is suitable for any occasion.

However, constantly tracking steps results in your battery draining much faster than it would without the app. This can be a problem when you are away from home and do not have a portable charger, so it is good to keep this in mind.

Is it worth using Sweatcoin?

Before you install the app and get started, it’s worth noting that with the Sweatcoin app you don’t earn big bucks. Sure, getting paid for walking or running is great in every way, but the earnings are still minimal.

For every step you take, you earn a fraction of Sweatcoin. It takes 1,000 steps to earn one Sweatcoin. If you are particularly active, you could earn ten or more Sweatcoins per day and a few hundred Sweatcoins per month. The app offers a marketplace and an auction section. It also allows you to donate your Sweatcoins to a fixed list of charities, which we will discuss in more detail later. Finally, you can also exchange your Sweatcoins with other cryptocurrencies.

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In addition, you can connect to friends, follow users and get your own followers on the app. Although the standard version of the app is free, there is also a premium version that costs €4.99 per month, or €25 per year, This version allows you to earn twice as much Sweatcoin per step and gives you access to premium features. But the regular payment means it’s only worth it if you walk or run a lot, otherwise you risk spending more money each month than the amount of Sweatcoin you earn.

Is Sweatcoin worth anything?

sweatcoin free amazon

In short, the Sweatcoin app is not a scam and the earnings are worth something. But a Sweatcoin is not worth the same as a Euro. a Sweatcoin is worth about 3 cents today, although this figure is subject to change. We can use the app marketplace to figure out exactly what you can do with your Sweatcoins.

The items or services you can buy with Sweatcoin vary depending on where you are, but you should have a range of different options to choose from. For example, you can buy beauty products, earbuds or snack boxes on a subscription basis. If you are looking for a reduced price on services, you can get discounts on fitness subscriptions or online training courses or have them for free for a trial period.

Sweatcoin also offers Amazon and PayPal vouchers, which allow you to buy any product at a discounted price. Some offers include steep discounts if you spend a certain amount of money on a particular site.

You can use Sweatcoin in the app’s auction to bid on major items, such as gift cards worth hundreds of dollars, smartwatches, and game consoles. The way it works is similar to a traditional auction, where you bid in Sweatcoin until you win the auction item, or you get your Sweatcoin back if you lose. But keep in mind that these big prizes usually have very high bids. Before participating in the auction, it is a good idea to make sure you have a considerable amount of Sweatcoin in your wallet.

The same goes for buying products with your Sweatcoins. As we mentioned earlier, earning a Sweatcoin requires 1,000 steps. A $20 Amazon voucher currently costs $8,000 Sweatcoin, so you need to walk a lot to buy this product. But other products are much cheaper, especially free beauty products and discounts on subscriptions.

Sweatcoin is real, but it is not for everyone

In short, Sweatcoin is not a scam and you really can get free, or discounted, products by tracking your steps. However, the app still has limitations in terms of what you can buy and where, so it will disappoint you if you are looking for real money.

If you are an avid walker or runner or want to encourage yourself to get moving, Sweatcoin is a great option for you. But take note of its current shortcomings to avoid being disappointed.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But to fully understand the potential of this app, we need to take a closer look at how you can earn from it.

Difference between Sweatcoin and Sweat

SweatCoins earned by users are not cryptocurrencies. However, the team has created the Sweat Wallet that automatically converts SweatCoins into $Sweat. These tokens are based on the Near protocol.
As of September 13, 2022, the $Sweat token can be traded on Kucoin, ByBit, OKX, Gate.io and FTX. Users can exchange their Sweat tokens for USDT on these exchanges.

The first 5 Sweatcoins are paid directly into your “sweat wallet” wallet

How to earn using SWEATCOIN?

There are mainly 4 ways to earn money.

1: Walking

Yes, it is that simple. To earn sweatcoin, you need to walk.

Once you have finished installing the app and completed the registration process, you log into the app and the first thing you will see is a kind of counter.

At this point you can let the app run in the background, as it will automatically count your steps.

For every 1,000 steps taken (nowadays every 1080 steps, and they are increasing day by day the number of steps you need to earn 1 sweatcoin) , you will receive 0.95 sweatcoin; as a standard member, you can earn a maximum of 10 sweatcoins per day (more on this later).

This is not much, but again you do not have to do anything else. You also need to make sure you take your smartphone with you every time you go out to maximize the coins you can earn. so that it can keep counting the steps you have taken.

2: Invitation program

The other way to earn from this app is to invite people to join the platform.

You can invite friends to join the platform and earn PayPal money. But getting the reward is not as easy as you might think.

To get PayPal cash, you will have to successfully invite at least 20 people. When I say “successfully invite,” it means that the people you invited to join must become Sweatcoin members.

Once you reach 20 referrals, you will automatically become a Sweatcoin influencer. You will then receive a welcome email explaining the steps you need to follow to get paid cash for inviting more people.

In addition to the reward, you will be given access to the Influencer Marketplace, where you can purchase other interesting items using the coins you have earned.

However, you can earn money by inviting other people even if you fail to invite 20 people. As a member, you will have access to an invitation link that you can share with others as soon as you sign up.

If someone signs up through your link, you will receive 5 Sweatcoins. And when you reach 20 referrals, you will become an influencer and can be paid in cash via PayPal as described above.

So it is definitely worth considering getting good at inviting people, because it can be a nice way to earn sweatcoin.

3: Daily rewards

Daily rewards are the easiest earning opportunity offered by Sweatcoin.

All you have to do is go to the Rewards section of the app, scroll down to the Daily Rewards area and click on the Request button, thus starting up to 3 30-second ads per day.

You will then have to watch a short ad. waiting for the ad to finish before closing it.

It is only possible to do this once a day. Thus, it requires very little time and effort.

4. Staking

Sweat token staking is another way in which users can engage and earn on the platform. Being a token built on a Proof of Stake blockchain, the team has provided staking services to reward stakers.
Some of these rewards include lower transaction fees, a better app experience, increased daily limit for Sweat token minting, and other rewards.

If you don’t quite understand what Proof of Stake is take a look at this very simple explanation Proof of Stake

Sweatcoin premium

In the past there were 5 different subscriptions:

  1. Mover – is free and allows you to earn up to 150 Sweatcoins per month (5 per day).
  2. Shaker – costs 4.75 Sweatcoins per month and allows you to earn up to 300 Sweatcoins per month (10 per day)
  3. Quaker – costs 20 Sweatcoins per month and allows you to earn up to 450 Sweatcoins per month (15 per day)
  4. Breaker – costs 30 Sweatcoins per month and allows you to earn up to 600 Sweatcoins per month (20 per day)
  5. Sweatcoin Trouble Maker – must be paid in cash and costs about $1.5 per month. It allows you to earn up to 1500 Sweatcoins per month (50 per day) and earn twice as fast.

However, recently the membership options have been changed, so new users will no longer be able to take advantage of these options, but will only have one new option: PREMIUM

But if you are one of the previous users, you will retain access to your Breaker, Quaker and Troublemaker plan. Movers and Shakers are transferred to the new free plan.

So as a new user, you now have only two membership options: a free plan and a premium plan.

With the free plan, you earn 0.95 coins for every 1080 steps taken. With the premium plan, you earn double that for the same amount of steps.

Also with the free plan, you can earn a maximum of 10 coins per day, while with the premium plan, you can earn an unlimited number of coins. However, the daily limit is said to be 100 coins, which would require you to take 52,000 steps.

The premium plan also gives access to more auctions and sales inside the app.

But as the name suggests, the premium subscription comes at a price. You can try it for free for 7 days, but then you need to pay monthly or annually.

The exact price may vary a bit, but the monthly price is about 8€ and the annual price is about 25€.

Whether it is worth switching to a paid plan or not depends on your personal preferences and how much you move.


Sweatcoin is a legitimate mobile app that allows you to earn money by simply walking around while the app is running in the background. It has some interesting qualities and some obvious limitations.

In terms of earning potential, Sweatcoin is not exactly the best app out there. but among the most popular it certainly is.

This is because you can earn without having to do anything special. All you have to do is carry your mobile device with you every time you go out and you don’t even have to have your data connection on all the time.

That is all you have to do to earn money. It may take some time before you can redeem rewards, but it does not require much effort either. So, this balances out its disadvantages.

And at the same time, it can be a great way to move more, with great health benefits.

How to register for Sweatcoin?

Registering is very simple. Just open this link and download the app in your SWEATCOIN smartphone, and follow the directions to register.

It takes 2 minutes to sign up and then you can start earning by walking.


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